PLAGUE MONKS - The Sickness & Plague (2015)

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  1. 01. Dark Ritual (ft. Ali Dahesh)
    02. No Destination To Welcome Me (ft. Ben Lowder & Azonic)
    03. Plague Monks Of The Paradox (ft. Monks Of The Paradox)
    04. Theosophical Mysteries (ft. Dark ChamberZ)
    05. Vortex Bells (ft. Kalki)
    06. Cursed Seal (ft. Elder Child, Kaos1 & Triplicity)
    07. Wandering Stardust (ft. 7th Galaxy)
    08. Maa Kheru (ft. Antahkarana Heru Ki Nabu)
    09. Witchblade (ft. Azonic)
    10. Smokebreak Interview With Connie Chung (ft. Boxguts)
    11. Emerald Tablet (ft. Kapwon)
    12. The John Klein Rock (ft. Flame Phoenicx)
    13. Surrender (ft. AMMOeinser)
    14. Soulweaver (ft. Sol-Omen)
    15. Sombras De Ayer (ft. Erks Orion & Ben Alal)
    16. Crown Chakra Medicine (ft. CrazyMonk)
    17. Inked Eyes (ft. Kalki)
    18. Wicked Witch Of The Well (ft. Azonic)
    19. Empty Town (ft. Maki)
    20. Day I Deserted (ft. Sol-Omen)
    21. Evol (ft. Bleeding Heart Bliss)
    22. Salvation Road (ft. Erks Orion & Giuliano)
    23. A Carmine Moth M.I.A. (ft. Carmine Moth)