8BZAG - Better 8 Than Never (2009)


  1. 01. Bumpy Ride (Intro)
    02. Child Of The Rhythm
    03. The Quickening (ft. Gard)
    04. On The Daily Grind
    05. Planet At War (ft. Guerilla Alliance)
    06. Never Be As Nice
    07. M.D.K. (ft. El-A-Kwents)
    08. Get Smart (ft. Iceberg Ali)
    09. No More Love
    10. Flood Waters Rise
    11. Barrel Bottom
    12. The Return Of Lazarus (Skit)
    13. Smirking Revenge (ft. Derrilykt, Marf & No Sleep)
    14. Critical (ft. Super Lyrical)
    15. Better 8 Than Never
    16. We'll Never Really Know (ft. Ladii J)
    17. Hidden Fortress (ft. Guerilla Alliance & Holocaust)
    18. WUML Appearance (ft. E.T.)

  2. This album is trash. Guerrilla Alliance's first album "Guerrilla Warfare" has the real version of the track with Holocaust plus a joint with Shabazz and is infinitely better than this joke of a tape.