M-ACCULATE - Underground Rising Vol.3 (2017)

 Love Few Trust Fewer Doubt All Fear None (2017)


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  1. Underground Rising Vol.3 (2017):
    01. England (Scum Bag Remix)
    02. Watch Your Mouth (ft. Billy Boi, Gandhi, Soulkeeper, Barz Fury & Slard)
    03. Battle Royal (ft. Sub-Con5cience, Sadida, Nephilim & Tek Neek)
    04. Jihad (ft. Lucifers Apostles & Suicide Saints)
    05. Blurred (ft. B-Eazy)
    06. Murder On The Mic (ft. Precise Undefined, Gunz & Miss Rhymes)
    07. Line In The Sand (ft. Gandhi & Billy Boi)
    08. More Torture (ft. Lucifers Apostles, Conflict, Mistah B & Hidden) (Scum Bag Remix)
    09. Reign Of The Unit (ft. Markie 4 Eyez)
    10. Stand Back (ft. Anonymous & Hidden)
    11. The Flames Of War (ft. Majesty, Mr Morbid, Rated R & Skull Bludgeon)
    12. Grown Men Business (ft. Kemet & S.S.)
    13. Confusion (ft. Tankwon)
    14. World Wide Homicide (ft. Killaform, Gunz & Miss Rhymes)
    15. Sunday Thunder (ft. Chrisu Beats, Rated R, Sub-Con5cience & Sadida)
    16. Psycho Thugs (ft. Lucifers Apostles & More Vicious)
    17. My Life (ft. Conflict)
    18. Death Of The Shogun (ft. Hidden & Mistah B)
    19. Throats Cut (ft. Kartune, Mikey Boston, Genezis, Lord Allah, L.E.O., Hell Yeeeeah & Brixx The Barburyin)
    20. The Industry (ft. Detriment & Hidden)
    21. Dial M For Murder (DJ Rhum1 Remix)
    22. Watch Your Mouth (ft. Billy Boi, Gandhi, Soul Keeper, Barz Fury & Slard) (Scum Bag Remix)

    Love Few Trust Fewer Doubt All Fear None (2017):
    01. A Special Announcement (Intro)
    02. England
    03. The Myth Of Religion (ft. Lucifers Apostles & Miss Rhymes)
    04. Fat Cunts
    05. Love Few Trust Fewer Doubt All Fear None
    06. Dial M For Murder
    07. Sunday Thunder (ft. Dseize, Uncle Bungle, Barz Fury, Blackflags & Lady D-Zire)
    08. A Special Announcement (Instrumental)
    09. England (Instrumental)
    10. The Myth Of Religion (Instrumental)
    11. Fat Cunts (Instrumental)
    12. Love Few Trust Fewer Doubt All Fear None (Instrumental)
    13. Dial M For Murder (Instrumental)
    14. Sunday Thunder (Instrumental)